About Us

PCM Healthcare is an independent medical education and communications agency. We’re a team of passionate and talented people who develop novel approaches with outcomes in mind. We have two change-making divisions, allowing us to bring our innovative attitude to both arm’s-length educational initiatives and medical communications. Together, we make change happen:

PCM Scientific is the clinically-focused medical education and CME division of PCM Healthcare. Our creative approaches to education have been proven to improve clinical practice and we are proud that our work has a real impact on standards of patient care. No wonder we are working on some of the largest and most successful programmes in Europe! We are a founding member of the Good CME Practice Group.
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Pharmacom Media is an industry-leading, full-service medical communications agency with a focus on strategic insight, scientific excellence and quality output. Our strategists, dedicated project managers and PhD-qualified writers are supported by our extraordinary, experienced, award-winning digital experts. Together, they create ingenious communication strategies and concepts specifically designed to target results.
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For further information, contact:

Elsbeth Headley (Chief Operating Officer, PCM Scientific+44(0)20 7214 0508

Mandi Wattymiller (Managing Director, Pharmacom Media) +44(0)20 7214 0500