ADHD Continuum – new eLearning module launched

11 December 2015

As this exciting year draws to a close, we are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new eLearning module within our ADHD Continuum programme! Our penultimate child and adolescent module presents a fantastic opportunity to explore the challenges that are inherent to treating ADHD alongside common comorbid conditions. Click here to access the module now.

Module 6, ‘Managing ADHD alongside comorbidities’

Continuum’s latest child and adolescent eLearning module, Module 6, ‘Managing ADHD alongside comorbidities’, considers the prevalence, diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in the presence of common comorbid conditions. The material will enhance your skills in recognising a comorbid disorder: from detecting the symptoms, to using screening tools and conducting comprehensive diagnostic processes. The module also tackles best-practice techniques in the simultaneous management of ADHD and comorbid conditions.