Can we offer our opioid-dependent patients greater freedom?

25 February 2021

This week the PCM Scientific team hosted the IOTOD webinar ‘Can we offer our opioid-dependent patients greater freedom? Looking at outcomes with long-acting buprenorphine formulations’.

This spring educational session was led by London based Dr Michael Kelleher, who was joined by Dr Bernadette Hard and (nurse specialist) Mrs Lisa Kieh both from Wales, where they discussed the significance of patient freedom as part of an effective management strategy for opioid dependence.

The event also explored the sharing of best-practice treatment approaches using long-acting buprenorphine formulations including patient-reported outcomes and perspectives from a key national pilot in Wales. Both speakers shared their own examples of their own personal patient stories and the impact this treatment has had on their patients, adding in a human element to their talks.

The webinar was a great success with over 270 in attendance and reaching places including the UK, many countries across Europe and even as far as New Zealand. The event concluded with healthy and lively Q&A session and it was evident the audience members wanted this to continue due to the number of submitted questions!

The IOTOD webinar was supported by grant funding from Camurus and the archived version will soon be available on the IOTOD website.