Celebrating our 10th year of “Making Change Happen”

11 February 2016

A thank you to the early adopters & an invitation to the cautiously curious.

We are getting ready to celebrate our tenth anniversary of delivering industry-leading innovation in medical communications and CME.

We wanted to thank all those “early adopters” who took a chance on some of our mold-breaking ideas. Without your willingness to take a risk on something a bit different, we would not have been able to prove our pioneering approaches.

For those that have yet to try it out – there has never been a better time to get in touch and find out what the fuss is about and why we are working on some of the largest programmes in Europe.

We now have extended reach to over 220,000 health professionals and access to clinical practice data insight, so we can take our measurable practice change techniques and tangible outcomes further than ever before.