Medical education programme A.S.K.

New medical education programme, A.S.K.

15 October 2021

PCM Scientific have recently launched a new medical education programme educating healthcare professionals on biosimilars in the oncology space: A.S.K. – Attitude, Skills and Knowledge in Oncology Biosimilars.

This new medical education programme is aimed towards our community of hospital-based pharmacists to provide education that will increase their knowledge and therefore confidence on using biosimilars when treating patients. This programme specifically targets clinicians in Western Europe, Canada and Japan and other members of the MDT are also encouraged to view these resources.

Currently there is an educational handbook live and three webinars scheduled in for November.

By 2022 the website will also feature 10 learning chapters, a library of 30 abstracts, and country guideline summary documents, with all resources translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

The programmes resources will be marketed through paid social media campaigns, newsletters and online ads through the ASK social media platforms and with the help of faculty and worldwide societies. Marketing avenues also include our media brands, Hospital Pharmacy Europe and Hospital Healthcare Europe.